The Inspiring Story of Shri Nitay Baba Persisting in Kriya Yoga and Experiencing Paravastha!

Kriya reminiscences – This is an interesting and inspiring Kriya Yoga story about Shri Nitay Baba. Find out how he got inspired and persisted in Kriya Sadhana and then ultimately taste the prasadam of Lahiri Mahasaya Kriya Yoga – the blessed experience of Paravastha or Tranquility!

Panchanon Bhattacharya

It had been 45 minutes, and the master still remained motionless, in a breathless state. Silence reigned in the poorly furnished room, beacuse that house – in the suburb of Howra, Kolkata – was meant only to Sat-sanghas of the master with his disciples. Little by little, people paid their obeisance and left the room, while other disciples lengthened their legs and made maha-mudra.

How is it possible stay so long without breathing? Without the distractions of the body senses and without the endurance of the mind to stay quiet, the master probably resided now in the Pure Spirit – the Atman – unaware of anything.

How  could the master achieve such exalted spiritual height, without renouncing family, wife, children, friends and his own dharma in the world?

The path of Kriya Yoga – taught by Sri Lahiri Mahasaya – should be really great! But how hard it was for me to remain in this path!

My thoughts were fighting each other in a real internal struggle for failing to understand the meaning of Kriya Yoga. My mind said: “How will a mere exercise give me spiritual joy?”, “If God exists, why should I practice lot of techniques”? If my salvation depends upon His mercy, why I just do not have Sharanagati – the absolute surrender to the Lord? Laughed at myself for being in the same situation of Arjuna before the Kurukshetra battle. That was my Kurukshetra!

What consoled me was knowing that the master also had his own Kurukshetra, when he was very young.

ShriNitayiCharanBandhopadhyaya– Go practise Kriya Yoga, Nitay! – Ordered the master’s father. And very reluctantly the young would sit on the floor to perform Kriya Yoga, beginning with the maha-mudras. Without any emotion, the young Nitay thought of his Guru and mentally offered him obeisances “Om akhanda-mandalakaram …” With his legs crossed, he then practiced pranayama kriyas. The tongue – resisting attempts to khecari – was not quiet inside the mouth, let alone the thoughts.

It had been three years that the young Nitay practiced those austerities … and nothing extraordinary happened! He was about to explode with impatience and discontent.

But then, on a beautiful day, the energy began to flow up his spine and a delicious sensation began to flood his mind.Throughout the day, the energy seemed to dissipate, but when he returned to Kriya practice, the energy flow also returned to the spine. It was very noticeable when the energy came through the back of the neck (medulla oblongata) and flooded the Ajna and whole brain. Sometimes the energy flowed so vigorously that he seemed to faint, with ecstasy and pleasure.

Now with the heart gentle and full of faith in the words of the Gurus, the young man bowed down to his father, who was also his Kriya Guru. His father was also amazed at the rapid development of his son and disciple, and mentally bowed down to his own Guru and Sri Lahiri Mahasaya.


Nitay never more conflicted with his practice; on the contrary, was now always eager to go back to those moments of intimacy with the inner Self, Atman. Even before completing 25 years, Nitay already practiced Fourth Kriya – in its different stages – which is practiced in a state of kevala kumbhaka. His great master had taught him this advanced Kriya just before leaving this world.

Slowly, my doubts and concerns were dissipated without the master saying a word. The mere presence of him there, sitting in Kevala Kumbhaka, put myself in state of inner silence. For the first time, I felt the sweet and warm Bhava into my heart and  that connected me with the Guru Tattva.

Mentally, I pay my obeisance to Guru and all the Gurus before him, with special thanks to Sri Lahiri Mahasaya. Curl back my clumsy tongue in khecari mudra, and beginning to breathe slowly … Om, om, om … I realized that Kriya Yoga is not a mere physical and mental exercise. Kriya disconnects my awareness of body and mind, and makes me feel Pure Being. Kriya happens inside the Atman – Sushumna with the six chakras, prana-kundalini, are all embraced by the Atman presence.


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