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Kriya Yoga Practice


    Many students are curious about what techniques are present in the actual practice of Kriya Yoga. Some of them are newbies and some are old practitioners.

    I don’t see why many organizations are not writing about this issue. At least, the information about different practices of Kriya Yoga should be given.

    And I don’t like to offend serious Kriya Yoga practitioners who like to maintain strict secrecy about the practice. Very truly, genuine practice of Kriya Yoga is a very personal thing and you evolve in its true understanding over period of time when you try to sincerely practice Kriya.

    Actually, even if I give a detailed information about actual Kriya Practice on this website, or demonstrate the practice through precise video, it would be of little or no use for any curious or merely information seeking person. You won’t be able to understand, internalize, find the significance  and subtleties of many of the practices.

    Every 2-3 months, I get new set of questions regarding Kriya Practice, and I got personal help from my Kriya Guide. This deepens and refines the practice.

    Still, I believe that most or a good majority of Kriya Yoga seekers or searchers have already read something about Kriya Yoga. I consider it a great privilege and duty to write in general about Kriya Yoga practice.

    Kriya Yoga Major Components:

    1. Talavya or Talabya Kriya: It is a preparatory exercise to guide the student and make him or her eligible for Khechari Mudra.
    2. Nabhi Kriya: This is Aum Japa done of a specific Chakra and in specific number as directed by teacher or guide.
    3. Kriya Yoga Pranayama or Kriya: This is breathing that represents the union of Japa, Meditation (Dhyana), Breathing and Subtle Prana.
    4. Yoni Mudra or Jyoty Mudra: This practice is done after Kriya and includes Kriya element, Shanmukhi Mudra, Jyoti Darshan and Nada Shravan.
    5. Mahamudra: This technique is different from Hatha Yoga, and practiced in slightly different manner with elements of Kriya.

    Kriya Yoga Minor or Optional Components:

    1. Aum Japa at all 6 or 3 Chakras as guided by teacher or Guide
    2. Mental Pranayam or Kriya: To assist main Kriya practice or to be practice when you can’t practice proper Kriya.
    3. Short Kriya
    4. Soham or Hansa Meditation
    5. Nada Shravan or Aum Technique

    Disclaimer: I have been an avid reader of Spiritual and Yoga books since I was under 10. You won’t be able to practice Kriya Yoga just by reading from some book or online resource.

    The finesse, subtlety and accuracy in Kriya practice comes over a period of months or years when you visit your teacher or guide and seek active guidance, do focused and sincere practice.

    All actual practice should be learnt directly and in person from any suitable Kriya Yoga teacher or guide.

    I do have the full video recordings of some of the marvellous Kriya Yoga Guides and Gurus. Once, I thought of putting them online for public. I felt hurt when I see many persons and organizations teaching improper Kriya Yoga and many sincere seekers becoming victim of their marketing.

    However, I didn’t see any point in making these videos online. This will do little benefit as related with the practice of Kriya Yoga.

    What Lahiri Mahasasaya Kriya Yoga is Not:

    Kriya Yoga is not Hatha Yoga:

    Some schools of Hatha Yoga are also using the word Kriya Yoga.

    Some of them are not even aware of Lahiri Mahasaya Kriya Yoga practice and they are using this term without any intention to get benefit from Kriya Yoga popularity.

    However, some teachers have deceptively named their Hatha Yoga Practice as Kriya Yoga.

    Can Kriya Yoga Practitioners Do Hatha Yoga?

    Yes, if you are interested in Hatha Yoga, you can surely explore it. Kriya Yoga is primarily a spiritual practice. Hatha Yoga is actually intended to prepare the body and mind into higher spiritual practices (Raj Yoga or Meditation).

    Some Gurus claim themselves as “Direct Disciples of Mahavatar Babaji”. What do you say about this?

    Kriya Yoga marketplace has become fanatic. I simply call this on a general basis as a medical syndrome, a group of disorders. However, it is your duty to discern.

    Is Devotion or Loyalty or Pledge a Requisite for Kriya Yoga Practice?

    Definitely not!

    Even if you have a complete analytical or logical mind, that is also fine.

    If you truly feel affection (not mere attraction) in your heart about a teacher or guide, that is perfectly fine.

    You don’t need to pledge loyalty or devotion to any teacher or guide or organization.

    However, a reverential attitude toward Nature or Life or God or Universe or teacher will definitely be helpful. If you are sincere with your Kriya Yoga practice, the deep reverence and devotion will naturally spring forth.

    And this reverence will be different. It will spring forth from your existence, not merely just thoughts or superficial feelings.

    Remember, Lahiri Mahasaya always tell that He and other Gurus and God are ever present as Kutastha Chaitanya (Godly Consciousness) within you to guide you.

    Right now, I don’t like to commit to Kriya Yoga practice. Can I still learn it, just to see what Kriya Yoga actually is.

    Presently, Kriya Yoga has become so popular that many seekers are just curious.

    Traditionally, this attitude won’t never be welcome. However, with present situations, if you sincerely desire so, I suggest you to go forward with your curiosity and give a try to Kriya Yoga practice.

    My suggestion is that it would be better if you could commit to Kriya Yoga practice for 6 or 12 weeks, at least once a time. This will be helpful for you.

    Otherwise, you would simply a flying bird and passing over the terrain of Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga or any other form of self-help discipline won’t be able to help you with that fleeting, try-for-a-hour-or-days attitude.

    My organization or teacher doesn’t teach me some components of Kriya. When I ask, I don’t get a sincere reply. What should I do?

    Your loyalty, pledge and sincerity should be toward yourself first. If you have been sincere in your practice, and you are trapped in above condition, I earnestly request you to give a try to true Kriya Practice.

    You will not be verbally or theoretically blessed, you will be blessed with sincere Kriya practice.

    There might be many reasons for some organizations or person for not teaching your complete Kriya Yoga.

    Simply give a try and decide for yourself.

    If you are a sincere practitioner, you loyalty and reverence will be unbroken for Lahiri Mahasya and Mahamuni Babaji. I don’t think any reason for you to be worried if you are giving a try to their Kriya Yoga practice.

    I learned Kriya Yoga from resources mentioned on this website. Now, I am drawn to some other Kriya Yoga or other teacher. Should I go to them or practice under their guidance?

    It is your sincerity and practice that will guide and help you.

    Just pray for guidance and follow your heart.

    Can a person of any belief or faith or religion can practice Kriya Yoga?

    As a living human being, your first Dharma or religion is Life itself. Life is primarily characterized by Breathing.

    Kriya Yoga is the religion of Breath. It is one of the most unifying system of spiritual practice for entire mankind.

    All who breathe are welcome to Kriya Yoga!

    For Your Better Health & Greater Happiness!
    Now and Always!
    LMKY Team

    PS: We would like to have your queries, feedback on this issue.

    Please don’t ask about any organizations or persons or their authenticity. I don’t have the power to judge or criticize or even know all of them.

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