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Kriya Yoga Initiation Ceremony


    All of you might aware of the joy and feeling when you are enrolled in some new program or course in college or education and business. It really meant a lot of things – new friends, new culture, new learning, new teachers, impact on your life now and in future, a lot of feelings and emotions…

    When you have decided to try out or travel on the path of Lahiri Mahasaya Kriya Yoga, you search out different teachers and teachings. Finally, you settle down with one of them.

    You wait for the hours when you are initiated and learn this art and science of ancient Yogic Meditation as reintroduced by Mahamuni Babaji Maharaj through Shri Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya and his disciples.

    There are some suggestions and guidelines for you Kriya Yoga Initiation. Of course, some of them are symbolic, some are ritualistic, but all of them are connecting and inducing the special feeling in you.

    Different Styles of Initiation:

    Kriya Yoga Initiation actually depends upon the teacher or Acharya. Some teachers make it a personal and one to one event, while others make it a group event, some others consider it like a seminar. As long as your teacher is a genuine and advanced practitioner, all methods are and should be OK.

    Some teachers like to make this ceremony a memorable one with some rituals and worship.

    In my view, few things are most important during Kriya Yoga Initiation…

    1. You should be able to understand Kriya Yoga practice and its component clearly. This becomes more important if you are learning this for the first time. After all, your daily practice depends upon right practice.
    2. Ask practical questions and seek clarity for the practice.
    3. Enjoy the rituals or ceremony, if you don’t like or is seeing this for the first time.
    4. Have faith in teacher, and above all in the lineage of Kriya Gurus and God and pray for the betterment. You don’t have anything to fear as long as you are true seeker.
    5. Keep in touch with the teacher and try to perform the practice in his or presence. In a manner, try to get your practice checked.

    Optional Guidelines Before Kriya Yoga Initiation

    Fasting or Following a Light and Easy to Digest Diet:

    Fast for 1-3 days depending upon your physical health. It is not required to have complete fast. Take light diet, milk and fruits. Decide as per your individual situation.

    If you are fasting for one day, it can be the day of initiation. If you plan for 2-3 days, it can include the day of initiation and the days before it.

    Colon cleansing is also suggested. You can take fibers or fruits or some herbal preparations like Triphala powder or tablet or something that is suitable for you.

    Lifestyle Conducive to Meditation and Yoga:

    Slow down the hectic pace of your life. Try to restructure your life with a good anticipation of incorporating meditative practice into your life.

    Maintaining a period of silence and prayer is definitely great choice. Try to observe this for 1-3 days as suggested above.

    On Kriya Yoga Initiation Day:

    1. Try to avoid full meals – either breakfast, or lunch depending upon the time of your initiation. Eat light. Fruits, Yogurt or Milk is good. Try what you like.
    2. It is not necessary to maintain a strict fast, especially if you are not accustomed to this. Personally, I am not comfortable with full fasting and can have common digestive complaints such as acidity, hunger or pain in stomach, if I force these on myself.
    3. Prayer and silence will definitely be great.

    What You Are Suggested to Bring on Kriya Yoga Initiation Day:

    1. Yagyopavit or Vedic Thread: If you are in India, you can easily get it. Otherwise, your teacher or organizer of event is the best person to arrange it.
    2. Roli, Sindur and White Sandal Powder: These items should be arranged by the teacher or organizer. You could definitely have a tough time even if you would like to get them abroad. My most timely suggestion is to try these at Indian Stores.
    3. 5 Fruits: This is essential for students to bring with them. These can 5 number of a single fruit or 5 different fruits. In India, coconut, apple, banana, guava, pears, mango can be good choice. Outside of India, just depend upon your choice and ease of availability.
    4. Sweets or Cookies: Students should bring sweets or cookies, preferably without eggs. Sweets are the ideal. Just a small portion is sufficient – 250 or 500 gms or 1 kg.
    5. Pranami or Donation: Keep the amount – usually cash or bills – in an envelope. During some events, there can be fixed charges. However, most teachers want you to be decide it yourself. Just choose a amount that make you feel contributing toward the teachings and teacher’s expenses and doesn’t surely make you feel deprived or paying-too-much. Maintain the balance. Remember this balance will be required throughout your life. And of course, your contribution!
    6. Flowers: I don’t think that any ceremony in life is complete without flowers. You can bring some flowers with you to offer at altar or pictures of Great Gurus.
    7. Letter Addressing to Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya: It is also suggested that you should write a letter either in handwriting or in printing, addressing to Great Gurus of Kriya Yoga tradition, writing about your spiritual goals and objectives, your commitments or desire for spiritual practice or it could be simply your prayers. You should keep a copy with yourself and keep second copy along with donation in the envelope.
    8. Always Have One or Two Good Translators: Most Indian Kriya teachers are comfortable with Hindi, English or their regional language. When they are touring to other non-english speaking countries, or whenever you have difficulty in understanding the teacher, Always have a good translator. I have personally seen and experienced when poor translators ruin the entire experience during my Ayurveda Seminars. This is a must and top priority for organizer. I have also found using two persons simultaneously as translators to be effective.

    What You Can Expect During Kriya Yoga Initiation:

    Actually, some of you might feel overzealous and very excited about Kriya Yoga Initiation and might look for or anticipate some strong spiritual experience or miraculous phenomena.

    Don’t show off or get excited about some vision or experience if you had one. If you have no such experience, it is perfectly fine as well.

    Silence, intentful learning and observation are the key. Don’t hesitate to ask question or clear about some technique or your doubts. It is better to ask the teacher after he had explained the particular technique or after complete explanation.

    I can’t think and assume of any good Kriya Yoga teacher, who won’t be happy and shouldn’t be happy and make effort to explain the techniques cheerfully and with patience. This is your right as new students, disciples and seekers in the path of Kriya Yoga.

    Definitely, avoid unrelated and irrelevant questions and queries that are not related with practical consideration. Never be argumentative.

    Don’t compare with others teachings if you are already initiated into Kriya Yoga previously. These questions, if you think necessary, can be asked or cleared when you are having one to one discussion opportunity in private with the teacher.

    Simply, try to be open minded and kind hearted. Try to understand the techniques and their practice. That will be most helpful.

    With Great Love and Regards,
    LMKY Team

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