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Emancipation or Liberation (Mukti) Proposed by Vedanta


The method of emancipation or liberation (mukti) proposed by Vedanta is based on the the following premises:

Brahman is the Supreme Tattva or Reality and its nature is absolute Being or Existence (Sat), Consciousness (Cit) and Bliss (Ananda). Brahman is non-duality only. Everything is Brahman. This does not mean complete identity with things, but that all things can be reduced to brahman. The most common example is the pot made of clay. The pot is no different from clay, but is a mere modification or different conditions formed from clay.Continue reading

Kriya Yoga and Vedanta


Through this article, I intend to show that the awakening of Kundalini and all higher yogic achievements are and must be connected to purely mental disciplines, not only to the practice of pranayama, mudras, etc.

We often wonder why some people advance spiritually faster than others. Why one Nitay Charan gets results in just 3 years of Kriya Yoga, and others can not the same in 20 or 25 years? If you search with depth, you will find that it was not because Nitay Charan practiced 1000 kriyas daily, or something similar to this.Continue reading