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    This website is maintained to serve the community of Kriya Yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers around the teachings of Great Guru Shri Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya.

    Here you follow the reflections and meditations on Kriya Yoga, as well as texts on the teachings of the great guru Sri Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahashaya.

    Shri Shri ShyamaCharan Lahiri Mahasaya

    Shri Shri ShyamaCharan Lahiri Mahasaya

    Shri Panchanan Bhattacharyaji

    Shri Panchanan Bhattacharyaji

    Shri Panchanan Bhattacharyaji is the first person who was authorized to give Kriya Yoga initiations. Even, most of the exalted disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya sought guidance in their Sadhana and higher Kriyas by Shri Panchanan Bhattacharyaji.

    He started his Kriya Yoga journey by renouncing the Ochre Robes of a Sanyasi as per the directives of his Gurudev Shri Lahiri Mahasaya and later remained a householder throughout his life.

    Despite being a Siddha or realized Master, Shri Panchanan Bhattacharyaji guided other souls on the path of Kriya Yoga as a Kriya Yoga Sadhak and disciple of his Gurudev Guru Shri Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya.

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    Shri Nitayi Charan Bandhopadhyaya

    Shri NitayiCharan Bandhopadhyaya

    Father of Shri NitayiCharan Bandhopadhyaya was the disciple of ShriPanchanan Bhattacharyaji. He brought Shri NitayiCharan to get Kriya Yoga initiation by ShriPanchanan Bhattacharyaji at a very young age.

    After getting Kriya Yoga initiation, Shri NitayiCharan Bandhopadhyaya ardently followed the path of Kriya Yoga for rest of his life as an exalted Sadhak and Master.

    Being a teenager, early in his Kriya Yoga practice, he felt that he is not making progress and shared his viewpoint with his father. His father remarked that He would get some realization within 3 weeks, otherwise he could decide on his own.

    Later, within 3 weeks, Shri NitayiCharan Bandhopadhyaya experienced the desired state of Paravastha at a very young age. Read more about  Shri NitayiCharan Bandhopadhyaya…


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