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    You are welcome to Upcoming Kriya Yoga Initiation Events…

    The person behind this website don’t teach or initiate others in Kriya Yoga. And there is not intention to do this in coming future.

    However, I would like to guide you to some great Kriya Yogis who are initiating people now. You can contact them personally. I will not suggest someone who I have not met or corresponded. Still, it is your duty to discriminate and find the best teacher for yourself.

    I can only say with 100% conviction that if you pray to God and Lahiri Mahasaya, you will be led to someone.

    Madabusi Subramaniam: Shri Madabusi Subramaniam, or simply Mani Sir, is a householder and regularly and openly guides all sincere seekers and practitioners of Kriya Yoga. He is 75 now and conducts seminars in New Delhi almost every two months (usuallly on 3rd or 4th Sunday).

    You can learn more about him at and join the newsletter or subscribe for information about upcoming event.

    I will also post his events on this website.

    You can also find some videos of him, sharing precious information on You Tube…

    With Sincere Regards!

    PS: Please don’t post events of any other organization. They won’t be accepted. I never accept any such information, from whatsoever organization or teacher, until I have met personally.

    Please don’t pollute this website with your petty marketing!


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