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Kriyā Yoga and Cidākāśa


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Kriyā Yoga is a specific technique of meditation which aims to direct the prāṇa into the central nerve, also known as suṣumnā nāḍi. The ancient lineages of Naths, the Saivism of Kashmir and Siddhar of Tamilnadu were well acquainted with the technique of “Sushumna breath” but it was Sri Lahiri Mahasaya who took over the task of presenting, in an accessible way to all, this technique in its true identity and its essential structures.

Since ancient times, the ṛṣis of India research the relationship between the subtle body and spirituality. Just as in nature the straight lines are extremely rare, in the subtle body almost no prāṇa movement is just right. Of all the thousands of nadis suṣumnā does not arc nor is it rounded, which reveals its unusual and superhuman nature. Continue reading

The Divine Life of Brahmchari Keshavanandaji Maharaj – Part One

Introduction: This is a wonderful and inspiring story about the life of Shri Keshavanandaji Maharaj, one of the direct disciples of Shri Shri Shyamacharan Lahiri Mahasaya. Shri Keshavanandaji dedicated his life to the practice of Kriya Yoga Vidya of Shri Lahiri Mahasaya.

And he is one of the few ochre robed or renunciant disciples of Shri Lahiri Mahasaya who led the renunciant’s life with the blessings and permission of Lahiri Baba.

— Jayo Jayo Devi! —

The Septuagenarian sadhu was astonished with the beautiful darshan of the Devi. A blinding light made it shine in Kutastha illuminating the beautiful shape of the goddess mounted upon a majestic golden lion. Smiling, she waved her hand in a gesture of blessing.

After long hours of meditation, the holy man stretched his right leg and made some mahamudras. The darshan he had was still vivid in his mind.  Even the insects and animals of the forest could divert their thoughts to that divine vision.Continue reading

The Inspiring Story of Shri Nitay Baba Persisting in Kriya Yoga and Experiencing Paravastha!

Kriya reminiscences – This is an interesting and inspiring Kriya Yoga story about Shri Nitay Baba. Find out how he got inspired and persisted in Kriya Sadhana and then ultimately taste the prasadam of Lahiri Mahasaya Kriya Yoga – the blessed experience of Paravastha or Tranquility!

Panchanon Bhattacharya

It had been 45 minutes, and the master still remained motionless, in a breathless state. Silence reigned in the poorly furnished room, beacuse that house – in the suburb of Howra, Kolkata – was meant only to Sat-sanghas of the master with his disciples. Little by little, people paid their obeisance and left the room, while other disciples lengthened their legs and made maha-mudra.Continue reading

Ajna Chakra and Superconsciousness


The faculty of spiritual vision or super-consciousness – function of the Ajna chakra – has its own system of signs or language by which it “interprets” the acts of the psyche, mind and external reality. The society often has appropriated signs of the super consciousness. For example, light = divine.

Surely there are signs made by the society (the sickle and the hammer = communism), and one might wonder whether the super-consciousness also appropriates the signs created by man based on affinity with its own representation system.

The signs of super-consciousness  are basically figures, shapes, and images formed by 2, 3 or more components. It’s often that the mind is not able to understand the meanings of these signs, but this does not imply that their meanings do not exist.Continue reading