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Sri Guru Gita y el Principio (Tatva) Guru

“Om Namah śivāya gurave
Nisprapañcaya śāntāya
Nirālambāya tejase ”
Sri Guru Gita

El Guru Gita es parte del Skanda Purana, asignado al sabio Vyasa, y es la respuesta dada por el Señor Shiva a la solicitud hecha por Parvati de iniciarla en el Conocimiento Guru-Tattva y también a la pregunta “¿Mediante qué camino puede un alma encarnada Ser Uno con Brahman?”


Si esta escritura, Sri Guru Gita, atrajo la atención de Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, entonces debería ser importante para todos los que siguen el camino de Kriya Yoga. Sri Lahiri Mahasaya teje breves comentarios – versículo por versículo – de esta obra que muestra la conexión con el Gurú como la forma más elevada de sadhana (práctica espiritual).Continue reading

The Systemic and Dynamic Aspect of Kriya Yoga


One of the most common trends of Yoga was focus on the isolated and individual treatment for each unit of the subtle or etheric body, that is to say, in the wake of the immanent properties of each unit. The very meaning of the word “Yoga” – that is to converge the mind to a single focus – seems be diluted when it loses the sense of conjunct in practice of this Yogism.

In general, studies of the subtle body – with its cakras, nadis, etc. – do not exceed the unit and not even dealing with its systemic aspect. In most cases, they work up the units separately, outside the conjunct. This little handy perspective, but very adopted, was encouraged by Tantric Yoga which uses abundantly mantras, yantras, rituals, and visualizations, to awaken the inner powers (Siddhis) of each unit.Continue reading

Ajna Chakra and Superconsciousness


The faculty of spiritual vision or super-consciousness – function of the Ajna chakra – has its own system of signs or language by which it “interprets” the acts of the psyche, mind and external reality. The society often has appropriated signs of the super consciousness. For example, light = divine.

Surely there are signs made by the society (the sickle and the hammer = communism), and one might wonder whether the super-consciousness also appropriates the signs created by man based on affinity with its own representation system.

The signs of super-consciousness  are basically figures, shapes, and images formed by 2, 3 or more components. It’s often that the mind is not able to understand the meanings of these signs, but this does not imply that their meanings do not exist.Continue reading