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The Inspiring Story of Shri Nitay Baba Persisting in Kriya Yoga and Experiencing Paravastha!

Kriya reminiscences – This is an interesting and inspiring Kriya Yoga story about Shri Nitay Baba. Find out how he got inspired and persisted in Kriya Sadhana and then ultimately taste the prasadam of Lahiri Mahasaya Kriya Yoga – the blessed experience of Paravastha or Tranquility!

Panchanon Bhattacharya

It had been 45 minutes, and the master still remained motionless, in a breathless state. Silence reigned in the poorly furnished room, beacuse that house – in the suburb of Howra, Kolkata – was meant only to Sat-sanghas of the master with his disciples. Little by little, people paid their obeisance and left the room, while other disciples lengthened their legs and made maha-mudra.Continue reading